Bryan Neal Success Story

Owner of Coastal Virginia Laundry in Chesapeake, Virginia. HappyNest Partner Since August 2021.

Annualized Signups for 2023
359 Signups
Annualized Pounds for 2023
91,000 Pounds
Annualized Revenue for 2023

The Road to HappyNest

“I spent 6 months vetting HappyNest along with other platforms. They all offered software. I kept coming back to HappyNest for the customer service, free laundry bags and partner support. Nobody else was really offering a comprehensive package. I privately searched out 9 partners across the country without telling HappyNest to see what those owners thought. Overwhelmingly, everyone was happy. I knew I could probably figure this out on my own, but I did not want to manage all the things they do. The final thing holding me back was the revenue share. When I explained the revenue share model to people in other industries, I either heard a laugh followed by ‘what a great deal’ or a comment like ‘that’s a no brainer.’ At that point I was good with becoming a HappyNest partner. I truly believe it was the best decision we could have made.”

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