Perks of Being a HappyNest Partner

HappyNest was started by 3 people running their own laundry pickup and delivery service. We know everything that can go right and everything that can go wrong when providing high-quality, reliable laundry service. 

We’ve spent years building trust with our customers. They need a service they can rely on to give them perfectly neat and clean clothing. In return, they are repeat customers that spread the word about how great our service is!

There’s a way to do it right. Our partners have handled laundry all the way from Rhode Island to California and everywhere in between. We know how to provide perfect service every time a customer requests a laundry pickup. We’ll work with you to get you and your team ready to be rockstars.

happynest van perks

The HappyNest Van

All HappyNest partners will be required to have a van. We will provide your van with our stunning van wrap. Look slick and professional as you pickup and deliver around your service area.

The Software Platform

We have our own software platform that enables you to manage your pickup and delivery business with ease. Our software developed over years of successfully running our own laundry pickup and delivery service.

happynest software perks
happynest support perks

The Support Team

We have a full staff of trained, experienced customer service and support staff dedicated to serving you and your customers.

Partner Incentive Program

We All Win Together.
Expand your area, Expand your revenue.
Great reviews lead to great things.

Request More Information Today!

Fill out the form and you will hear back from a HappyNest representative. We will discuss your potential fit as a HappyNest Partner and go over what we can offer you as a valued partner.

What happens next? If you’re a good fit, the next steps will look like this:

  1. We will schedule an introduction call with you.
  2. Our Partner Success Manager will go over the HappyNest Solution and answer questions.
  3. You decide to become a HappyNest Partner.
  4. We set up your territories and routes.
  5. You launch with HappyNest and begin growing your laundry business!